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Preparing for your long distance move ?


  • Make sure all of your utilities are connected in your destination home

  • Book your accomodations before packing

  • Remove all garbage and donations from your sight

  • Have a garage sale for the basement items you haven't touched in 5+ years

  • Replacing the small stuff is expensive, make sure all your soft items are in bags and harder items in boxes

  • Buy the mattress bag!

  • Make sure you have weeded through all of donations again before packing, remember the more the movers pack the more money it will cost.

  • How much money is one room worth to you? If it will take over 2 hours to pack one room translate that into your budget cost for movers.

  • Did you buy insurance on those antiques and electronics ?

  • Is there anything that was made with particle wood that needs to be moved carefully? Keep in mind things that are made with particular wood were meant to stay where it was built.

  • Pack your suitcase? Assume 10 days of clothing regardless of travel time. On Average it takes a Type A person 10 days to unpack.

  • Did you grab a coffee before the big moving day ? Are you wearing comfortable clothes ?

  • Jewelry, medicine,money, heirlooms should be moved with you and not the movers for your peace of mind.

  • Time to move. Book Jay Valley Movers for the best long distance moving experience you will ever have imagined!

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