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How Can I Prepare For a Moving Company?

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Great! I found a moving company and booked the movers, now what .....

Box up all the little items in one big box before your move

  1. Separate your most valuable items

  2. Bag those clothes in your closet with the hangers poking out from the top of the bag

  3. Label your boxes in different colors

  4. Pack a separate bag for the week for your clothes just in case you don't unpack quickly

  5. Leave your medicine, ipad, chargers, jewelry, cash in your car

  6. Make sure your animals are already transported or in a safe place prior to move

  7. Kitchens will be the worst part, keep the perishables in a separate container

  8. Take anything apart that needs special care: computers, cribs, racks

  9. Let movers know ahead of time if there is an elevator or stairs involved

  10. Plan to move everything, spending on the little items long term add up

  11. Briefly clean your home, you dont want to carry dust from one house to the next

  12. Get rid of all the trash, donate the things not worth selling

  13. Purchase moving insurance to cover all your belongings

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