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5 Tips for Moving Last Minute

We absolutely get it - life happens. Attorneys take what seems like forever, or we thought someone else was hiring the movers, or we have friends that bail out. We. Get. It.

Here are some tips and tricks for moving last minute:

  1. Secure your movers. Luckily you've found us and there really isn't much else you need to do except give us a time and a place and we will make sure your movers are there!

  2. Just get rid of it. The less you have to pack and get ready the better you will be. We don't need all the extra packets of sauces in the fridge, we don't need our shoes from 20 years ago, and we definitely don't need the garbage laying around. Think practical not sentimentality.

  3. Pack a bag. You should pack weekend essentials or week long essentials to get you through until you can unpack all of your boxes. Your medication, your documents, your toothpaste should all be in your weekender bag!

  4. Dont think, Pack! The more you think about organizing where things should go or making the process overly complicated make building boxes the hardest thing you have to do. Fill those boxes with whatever your eyes lay on. You dont want to pay the movers extra to pick up the lipstick on the ground or pick up the fallen toy on the way out. Remember you are paying your movers for time and effort and if you really want - you can hire movers to pack your things instead!

  5. Ask for Help. Some task are harders than others for us. Moving across town or across the country is already mentally a giant leap of faith. Let the movers carry that load physically. Need a hotel to stay overnight and cant get your phone to work? One of our movers will even help you book your itinerary for your journey with us!

When you book a move with Jay Valley Movers whether it be local or long distance - know that we are here to help you every step of the way. We can help you in New York or we can help you in Florida, we can even help you virtually through several different platforms.

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