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Residential Moves

If you are moving less than 50 miles we would consider it a residential move. All we need is a date, address to and from, and info on the items in your home to decide which truck is best for you! Our technicians will arrive inspect and wrap your furniture, disassemble whats necessary and start loading up the truck! Once you have arrived to the destination they will assemble the necessary and will place your items wherever you would like them to place them that way you aren't dragging items across your new floors! 

First story apartments start at $185 an hour with a 4 hour minimum.

Residential homes start at $1500 and other fees depending on the time of year.

We now movers in Sarasota Florida and Syracuse NY so please call to make sure which rate you are getting.

We understand some moves may take a shorter time but please understand our staff needs to feed their families too.

Please call for final pricing.

Long Distance Moves

Sometimes there's a job change or just the need for a new environment- trust us we get it! We are a professional personalized service. Typically we will complete your entire load and unload in 24-48 hours with a trusted partner so put that air mattress away and let us help you get there as quickly and safely as possible! 

Please call for pricing. 

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